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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> just hours ago. we're live in bethesda with more details as police try to track down his parents. >> plus big day ahead on the hill. senate republicans set to reveal their version of the healthcare bill. coming up details of the plan and pushback from democrats. >> live look outside on this thursday, june 22nd. sun coming up. another day starting. going to be a pretty summer-like day but changes are in the forecast. tucker will talk weather, erin will talk traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. right now we say good morning t-i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. first up, we have breaking news coming out of montgomery county maryland this morning. take a look at this boy on your screen. >> police need your help in identifying him. after he was found walk alone near montgomery mall. fox5's annie yu picks up the story there with more on this little boy. what do we know, annie? >> reporter: hey, holly, steve. well, we know that the boy is safe is. he is with police. in fact, he's right here at the bethesda district and
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entertained and hanging out with him and so he is safe. that is the good news. we also know from officers out here this morning that haven't received any calls yet so, of course, the hope is to get him reunited with his family. here's a picture of him once again. he was found walking around montgomery mall this morning around 1:45 near westlake drive and he weighs about 90 pounds, four-10, dark care he was wearing that orange shirt gray pajama pants and police say he was also found barefoot. police say he's nonverbal which is obviously difficult to communicate with him. they also tell us that they appears to be functioning at a level lower than his age and so police have had some trouble, you know, just talking to him and so they obviously need our help, your help in identifying who this little boy is, his parents, his guardians, so please, if you have any information, this is the number you need to ca call. (240)773-5400. police are asking that you call that number or just cal
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police directly and so hopefully we can get him reunited with his family soon. that's the very latest here from bethesda. back to you in the studio. >> indeed. thanks annie for that. meanwhile it is sentencing day for the who pleaded guilty after opening fire at a d.c. pizza restaurant. this happened at comet ping-pong. edgar welch admitted to traveling from north carolina to investigate a conspiracy theory. >> also happening guns and ammunition at d.c.'s trump hotel scheduled to be arraigned. police took bryan moles into custody last month. they found an assault style rifle handgun ammunition in his car in the hotel's garage. today on the hill meantime senate republicans will unveil draft version of their healthcare bill. >> expected to be similar to the house's version released a few weeks ago but also different in key areas such as medicaid spending. melanie alnwick live on capitol hill with the details. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning. anyo
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see the entire release today, just what lawmakers are calling a discussion draft. even though t-they are pushing for a vote before the july 4th recess. the senate republican version of the healthcare reform bill is expected to be more moderate than the house bill, cutting off the medicaid expansion slower and by providing more generous subsidies for low income people but sources familiar suggest it would be tougher than the house in slowing the growth of medicaid spending. >> for the past seven years obamacare has continued to hurt the people we represent. for the past seven years republicans have offered ideas for a better way forward aren't soon we will that finally have the chance to turn the page on this failing law. >> reporter: republicans from states where their constituents are losing insurance options under obamacare say the stat can you say kuo is not sustainable. >> far too often i hear that high monthly premiums are squeezing pocketbooks and that soaring out
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like deductibles and co-pays make coverage unaffordable. >> reporter: democrats have attacked the gop for a lack of transparency and senate democratic leader chuck schumer has suggested if the senate gop plan were any good, republicans would be bragging about it. >> they'd be preaching it from the mountain tops. brass band down every main street in america. announcing this new legislation. but no, they're afraid to even whisper, whisper about their bill. they want it out in the open for as little time as possible. >> reporter: others accuse the gop of rushing it. >> 10 days start to finish to rewrite the healthcare system of america. 10 days on a measure that has not been disclosed to the republican senators, not all of them let alone the democratic senators let alone the american people. >> reporter: even some veteran republicans are expressing some concern about how this
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been casted. >> well, i'd like to see vigorous debate and amendments on the floor of the senate. i would have liked have been more involved in frankly what almost none of us have been in involved in, that's shaping it. >> reporter: and calls into one other question that many lawmakers they need to have answers to before they can put this to a vote. the congressional budget office is supposed to have its estimate done by early next week t live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> more breaking details in the weather department right now. tropical storm cindy is on the move after making landfall in southwestern louisiana just about two hours ago. flooding still a big concern there. cindy is weakening a bit winds about 40 miles an hour. storm has been blamed for one death though. unfortunately a 10-yea-old boy vacationing on an alabama beach was killed when he was struck by a log that the storm surge washed
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>> remnants of cindy is going to make her way this way. >> in the form of rain showers and thunderstorms. not so much today but tomorrow. tomorrow night and then into saturday. >> so, the zip trip looks good in the morning. >> it looks good if you like rain showers. [laughter] >> hm. >> that's okay. >> noncindy rain tomorrow morning, cindy rain tomorrow night. >> you know what, we're just going to call the rain cindy rain. >> cindy rain, all right. >> good morning, by the way. good to see you. >> hi. good morning. the bulk of the cindy activity will be overnight friday into saturday. hot and humid this afternoon. let's start with today first. not looking at so much rain but hot as conditions. highs in the low 90's. reagan national 76. that is a very swampy 76 this morning. 67 dulles, 68 bwi marshall. i like descriptive words, erin. here is a look at your satellite and radar. we are waking up with, yeah, not great looking condi
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code orange air quality for d.c. and baltimore today keep that in mind and a hot and humid afternoon. there might be a shower or two a little later today, although we'll hold the bulk of the showers off until overnight tonight, during the overnight [inaudible] alabama. still getting heavy rain down there and that's where the biggest of the flooding concerns will be. we'll have more on cindy coming up. how about 92 this afternoon and again it's going to feel very humid out there. lots of water if you're working outdoors. >> lovely. >> good pool day. >> great pool day. >> check in with erin. say good morning to her. >> i fell asleep at the pool yesterday. >> good daily. >> read two pages, out cold. i blame the heat and the sleepiness in the morning. right now skyfox is over 50 [inaudible] taking a live look, you can see a little bit heavier there. let's switch to our maps. big delays leading up to that point. metro slowdowns in addition to safe track impacting
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line because of that work closing some of the shady grove stations and rockville stations shuttle service available there. he willier train malfunction at huntingdon. shady grove and rockville stations closed. free shuttle buses between twinbrook. as we take a look inbound 11th street bridge we have a crash blocking the right lane causing some delays coming 295 northbound to the bridge. 295 southbound usual delays. and then inbound 50 crash blocks [inaudible] right lane. we showed you that. want to take a look at this delay. it's back to church road. if you're coming from annapolis or passing through bowie trying to get to the beltway you hit that. as you get to the inner loop and outer loop you're in great shape. still quiet 95 southbound from the icc on down and bw parkway in both directions looking really good. wide view of your morning commute. 395 still at speed. 66 looking good through fairfax and vienna. we have 66 congestion popping up through manassas as you get to
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we'll keep you updated. skyfox going to check out reports of a vehicle into the water on poolesville road. that's breaking news we're tracking. >> president trump holding a make america great again rally last night taking on a number of issues including an update on his border wall proposal. >> federal investigators say an airport attack in michigan may have been an act of terrorism. what we've learned overnight about the suspect. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> ♪ >> after spending billions of dollars defending other people's borders, we are finally going to defend our borders. [cheers and applause] >> that is president trump at a campaign style rally in cedar rapids iowa last night. he suggested putting solar panels on his proposed wall on the mexican border. he said the solar wall would create energy and pay for itself. before the rally the president visited kirkwood community college to get briefed on cutting edge agricultural technology being developed there will. >> jared kushner sat sat the meeting comes as israel broke ground on a west bank set. it has the united nations security council
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halt to settlement building on occupied palestinian land. >> let's go flint michigan. an update on the airport attack being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. the suspect a canadian man from tunisia reported god is great in arabic and said something similar to you have killed people in syria iraq and afghanistan and we are all going to die. that man is currently being interviewed by the fbi while police in montreal search his home. bond hearing set for next week. the officer who was injured cease expected to be okay. >> in ohio this morning otto warmbier will be laid to rest. there will be a celebration of life at his high school in cincinnati. residents have been placing blue and white ribbons around the town. >> amber alert for a missing four-year-old girl out of smythe county in the western part of the commonwealth. take a good look at your
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long was abducted by joel long. the pair were last seen in smith county. police say they may be traveling in a 1998 maroon toyota tacoma. they could be heading towards roanoke. kimberly was wearing a black tank top and denim shorts. 6:13 right now. stil ahead an update in the search for a new uber ceo. >> and a live look outside as we head to break this thursday morning. weather and traffic on the 5s next. it's now 6:13. >> ♪
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>> live on a thursday morning, sun coming up, nice start to the day. little pleasure principle getting you going. nice shot there. i like it. >> going to stay that way, tucker? >> yeah, i mean, that's the theme for the day. first full day of summer, right. it's g
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hot and humid this afternoon. quick look at your headlines. daytime highs 90 or betterment i would say 92 for a daytime high in the city. mix of sunshine with cloudiness today but we should be dry this afternoon. cindy has made landfall maximum winds 40 miles an hour. we'll take a look at that coming up. it will impact our weather the remnants will in the form of showers and thunderstorms both friday and into the day on saturday. so, next couple of days after today will be a little unsettled with some rain showers in the forecast. temperatures, it is a -- check it out. warm and humid. 76 in washington. 75 in annapolis. very sticky. 72 leonardtown. north and west we've got temperatures in the 60's. 69 in hagerstown. 68 in winchester. there's your morning look. satellite and radar generally quiet at the moment. got a few showers out in western maryland and you can see some of the cloudiness. some of this associated with cindy here off to our south and west. and we'll be kind of in and out of the clouds today and again, very
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maybe we'll go hot and humid with daytime highs in the low 90's so a few degrees warmer than yesterday. all right, cindy has made landfall. that red box is a tornado watch box. maximum winds 40 miles per hour so it's really not the winds, it's the rain and you can see we've got banding of -- bands of rain there off to our south and west and as we get into the nighttime hours overnight tonight and tomorrow, this will get picked up and up ahead of a cold front get thrown up towards the midatlantic over the next 24 hours and i think we'll have rain around here overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. there's a look at futurecast. generally fine this afternoon. watch some of that rain shower move in. tomorrow morning at 7:00, we've got a zip trip in annapolis so we'll have to be prepared for rain showers much not going to rain all day tomorrow. we'll get a break during the afternoon and then perhaps if we get daytime heating we'll get late showers and thunderstorms in tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow night into saturday -- i didn't go quite far enough for you another round of rain here with the remnants of cindy. how much rain are we looking
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inches for parts of the area. no flood watches at this area but if this verifies the we had service could once we get the remnants of cindy out of here big improvement. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures a few degrees below normal but still very pleasant highs around 80, 80 to 85 with sunshine. that's something to look forward to. all right. sticky is the word of the day. >> uh-huh. >> right now 6:18 and the busy is the word of the day for traffic. unfortunately as we head out colesville road southbound pedestrian struck at timber wood avenue. also in montgomery county we have skyfox on the way. owed wards ferry road near river road car into the water. watch for delays. 295 northbound near laboratory road we have a crash scene that could cause delays coming up from the bottom of the beltway. so far so good and after the 11th
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sixth street a crash blocking the right lane causing delays. 295 southbound heavy. residual delays to mount vernon square. closed station shady grove and rockville on the red line safe track free shuttle service available shady grove to twinbrook. 50 things clearing up by 704. residual delays into bowie looking good. once you get inside the beltway through cheverly just by 202 to 295 you're sluggish. top of the beltway still delay free and things picking up on 95 but not enough fox5 cause any red sewn. a lsewn -- zone. things picking up through fredericksburg into stafford as well. 95 northbound. once you get to 395 you're in pretty good shape. you can see right there that reds i was talking about right now about a 20 minute slow down. we got you covered this morning. it's been busy since we started with the earlier crash. >> sumner full swing. that means crowded pools. today the world's largest swimming lesson will take
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bring awareness to the importance of teaching children to swim. here locally olympic swimmer mattie crippen will be on hand for a water safety event in seat pleasant. >> in the district a new pod hotel in chinatown will host its grand opening. mayor bowser will be there. the rooms are a little small. about 150 square feet. twin, queen beds offered full bathroom desk television. nightly rates start at $109. so, a new option for folks wanting to stay down in the chinatown area. >> sounds good. up next, what 75 percent of americans have done to pay for vacation. >> all right. plus, the sixers on the clock already. the nba draft kicking off tonight. i think we know who they're going to take and he's a local guy expected to be taken number one over all. we'll hear from markelle fultz ahead in the morning line. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> this is becoming a market story because it's affecting the stock market overall. however, we do have what could be a good thing for oil traders in cities like houston. you have this -- the tropical storm cindy churning in the gulf of mexico hitting landfall in some areas. when that happens, it jeopardizes at least temporarily the oil rigs and platforms in that area. why is this a good thing? because it
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off the market hence bring up the price of oil. >> uber has a number of positions to fill. let's go straight to the top ceo the word came out that they would quite possibly be looking for a female to take this position. >> reporter: makes sense. this is a company under fire for sexual harassment discrimination and the like. why not have a female head of the company. sheryl sandberg perfect choice. [inaudible] highly respected coo of facebook. arianna huffington is another name being floated around. former executive at disney, the former yahoo chief marisa meyer. the list is long. the line goes out the door. i'm going with the woman on this one. i thought it would have been sheryl sandberg but she's not interested. >> the key i
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something like that wants the job. nike its a big job. big problems to fix. >> nike putting their shoes in a different direction right now something they have not done before. >> reporter: they never sold& on amazon. did you realize that? you couldn't by nike sneakers on amazon. >> i did not. >> reporter: you might be able to soon. nike is looking at the situation. their rivals sell on amazon. amazon is tremendous. current department stores where nike is selling now their business is slowing so how to you up sales? you cave and you say, okay, amazon, we're ready. here's our sneakers, here's our sports gear. >> got to stay in the game. all right, so what is it that we are doing as we enter another depressing note what is it that we are doing now to prepare for vacations? >> reporter: this is not depressing. okay. three-quarters -- three-quarters of us are going into $1,100 worth of debt, yes, that is depressing, because we are taking vacations. however, not depressing is this desire, this priority to take a vacation, tun
6:26 am
a third of americans according to a financial firm called learn vest that did this study we are prioritizing that get away over buying a home and over saving for retirement. >> i'm okay with that. you need your vacation time. >> reporter: we need at this time. we're all connected because of these things all the time. you go on a vacation it's an easy way to say they're off, i'm not at the beach, leave me alone. >> exactly although we may have just showed the most crowded beach in that video. >> reporter: where was that. >> i have no idea but there were palm trees and that makes me feel better. lauren you know what else makes me feel better? fridays. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> reporter: one more alarm clock. see you then. >> bye-bye. 6:26. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> warm start to the day. hot this afternoon. low 90's for daytime highs but we'll keep it dry today. can't promise the same thing for our zip trip tomorrow. >> that's okay. we need some rain, right. >> yes. we've had a dry month. yeah. >> w
6:27 am
rain on a zip trip day but i'm looking for the silver lining. >> next week looks great. winds are calm. just a few clouds to start your day. that is tropical storm cindy way at the bottom of your screen there on the left-hand side making landfall. maximum winds 40 miles an hour. still a lot of rain to our south. reason i'm showing cindy is it will impact our weather in the form of some rain and potentially some thunderstorms tomorrow morning and then again tomorrow night into saturday. there's a quick look at your forecast. 92 today and then a little cooler with rain showers tomorrow. not going to rain all day tomorrow. >> next week looks greatly. >> next week looks fantastic. >> love it. good morning erin. >> morning in montgomery county person hit pie a car colesville road on the southbound side at timber wood a as i back up just in the distance there you can see some flashing lights. traffic getting by. in one lane. we'll move over to our maps. that's starting to cause delays on the southbound side of colesville road just outside the beltway. we also have a vehicle into the water out on edwards ferry road. a live
6:28 am
keep it to fox5. >> ♪ at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. >> skyfox live picture here. take a look. this is a car into the water in edward's ferry road. now, this is in montgomery county near the poolesville area so see the carraway out cat there in the water. not a good situation. skyfox bring us live pictures. we'll
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continues to develop. we welcome you back to fox5 news morning. we're going to talk weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:35. right now let's take a live look at capitol hill where senate republicans are due to unveil a draft version of their healthcare bill expected to have similarities with the house's version but different in key areas including medicaid spending. montgomery county police have made contact with the parents of this young boy you see on the screen. he was found around 1:45 a.m. walking alone on westlake drive in bethesda. that's near montgomery mall. he's nonverbal. right now he is is with officers is the bethesda police station. police say his parents did not know he was missing. they are of course on the way to the police station to get him. let's go virginia. thousands turned out to pay their final respects to nabra hassanen. the crowd was so large many were forced to stand outside the ceremony. police say nabra's death stemmed from an act of
6:32 am
rage. they don't believe it was a hate crime. the man accused of killing her, 22-year-old darwin torres remains behind bars. nearly two dozen people may be at risk for hiv hepatitis c and other diseases because of a routine medical procedure. equipment used during colonoscopy's the kaiser permanente largo center in april was not properly disinfected. 23 people need to be screened for diseases like hiv and hepatitis c. >> it really upsets me that something like that would happen to people who come here trusting the doctors. >> disturbing to say the least. in a written statement provided to fox5, kaiser permanente explains "the scope in question was disinfected following the recommended protocols before its use. however, after discovery the defect and be conducting subsequent analysis we determined that we cannot guarantee the sterilization process was
6:33 am
number of homeless people moved to third street near m and n after getting kicked out of another area. the city says the encampments violate a ban on camping in public places without approval. also today in the district mayor muriel bowser will tackle a pesky problem. she's going to announce new plans to tea cr decrease the cis rodent population including solar trash cans and a texting program for residents to report rat sightings. up to 60 businesses will be able to buy or lease trash compactors. a week after men's congressional game took place at national stadium it was the women's turn. this game taking place at watkins rec center in southeast. throwing out the first pitch capitol police officer crystal griner who was hurt in last week's shooting in alexandria. she was just released from the hospital. all proceeds from the game will go towards raising awareness for young
6:34 am
breast cancer. and we do that want to update this morning you on the house majority whip steve scalise and his condition. doctors say he has been upgraded from serious to fair condition and is now beginning the long process of rehabilitation. lobbyist matt mika also remains hospitalized. and today on capitol hill, there will be another blood drive in honor of scalise and the four others injured in last week's shooting. it will be held from 9:30 this morning until 3 o'clock this afternoon in the rayburn house office building. >> ♪ lding. >> ♪♪ >> time for the morning line right now. rounds one and two of the nba draft kick off tonight at the barclay center in brooklyn, new york. now, here locally we know we have a hot bed of talent. 15 players from prince george's county alone will enter into the league after this year's draft. one local product markelle fultz expected to go number one overall for the 76ers. now, fultz is just the latest kid in
6:35 am
products to make it into the lead. most famous so far kevin durant. fultz knows the trust the process mantra, he has been using it for years. >> trust the proces because i didn't even know about philly but me i got cut from jv. staying at the same high school the big thing to say back home is just trust in the process not transferring schools. i didn't really knoll about the saying trust the process with philly until my senior year going on to college and when i started watching basketball i seen the tweets and all that about it. i thought i came up with it at first but i found in out. >> rookie year i got a pretty high goal for myself coming in. want to be the m.v.p. i set my goals high 'cause i want to put in a lot of work. >> congrats in advance to the local guy. markelle fultz celebrate add birthday on may 29th. he turned 19. caps fans say
6:36 am
defenseman nate schmidt headed to las vegas right now picked by the golden knights in the expansion draft latest night. they ended up going with pittsburgh's marc-andre fleury said stacking up a pretty good team out there in the desert. max scherzer takes a no-hitter into the eighth inning. struck out the first six batters. no t-tucker it was not the bullpen. marlins got a pair of unearned runs. it was the wild pitch that did the most damage right there. so that means the nats have dropped three of four since taking throwing straits from the mets last week in new york. they're back home now but they'll be on the field tomorrow. they start a weekend series with the reds. >> any questions about tomorrow night's game kind of iffy. >> maybe go saturday instead. >> yes, saturday afternoon looks better. that kind of is the bullpen, though, because they kept max in the game. >> right, exactly. i said that
6:37 am
>> they're also afraid to put them in. i'm with you. >> you're wrong, steve. [laughter] >> who wants no-hitter? anybody can get that. >> exactly. >> 76 in washington. low 90's later this afternoon. the theme will be heat and humidity. well, it is summertime after all so we'll do that again today. i think we'll abfew trees warm -- be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. mix of sun with clouds. a period of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow morning. a bit of a break tomorrow afternoon and then we'll seal if we don't get some additional showers tomorrow evening. the nats game tomorrow night is going to be kind of touch and go. kind of being careful about what i say because i could see a scenario where you get the game if tonight. 92 today. hot this afternon. humidity is creeping up so you'll notice the humidity as well. >> lovely. >> i guess show. >> like you said it's summertime after all. let's talk roads.
6:38 am
>> very busy holly. skyfox made to it that breaking news. a car fully submerged in the water in poolesville right off edward's ferry road near river road. initial reports came in that that car was unoccupied but theyre searching the area making sure the owner or driver of the vehicle is okay and they're trying to get that vehicle out of the water. you can see rescue crews and boat crews out there again trying to get things taken care of. we'll keep you updated via skyfox and here on fox5 about this breaking news as we get more information. let's go ahead and switch over from that look at skyfox again a car in the water initial reports it was unoccupied. we also have a person hit by a car in montgomery county, colesville road southbound at the intersection of timber wood avenue. this is just outside the beltway. you can see that outer loop congestion picking up the and you can see how slow things are on colesville road southbound leading towards that intersection. metrobus experiencing delays. intersection is opened but again, slow because of the police activity. we have a northbound crash on 295 near laboratory road. bottom of the beltway
6:39 am
fox5 295 as well and then on the freeway inbound 11th street bridge just after that point a crash as well slowing things down. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ ♪
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>> what's trending on the web on a thursday morning. well known french fitness blogger has been
6:42 am
rebecca berger fried an exploding whipped cream dispenser. her family announced her death on facebook calling it an accident. it's not funny. there are reports she had died from cardiac arrest after the incident despite getting medical attention. one of her family members posted a picture of a whipped cream dispenser warning people not to use it. i'm so sorry. saying it exploded and actually struck her chest causing her death. talk about a freak accident. man. george clooney adding more money to his [inaudible] incredible. he just sold his tequila brand casa amigo. finally a statue of abraham lincoln in chicago turning some heads get this for its sex appeal. the bronze sculpture shows a young lincoln showing off his chest and muscles with his
6:43 am
lincoln as a young man the artist had to imagine what he looked like. and i'm just going say that was one interesting group of trending stories. >> coming up next a few game of thrones trailer out. fans freaking out. rihanna giving one of her fans break upadvice. kevin is back after the break. >> 6:43. we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie?
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i love you. i love you too.
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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>> car sunshine merged in the water on edward's ferry road near river road in the poolesville area. good news here is this car was unoccupied. >> that definitely helps out then as they did have the water rescue boats in the water making sure that there were no people that were unaccounted for but appears it's just a vehicle at this point so driver is somewhere. >> bad news for the owner of that car but good news no one was in there. >> my suspicion is that car did not drive itself into the water. >> self-driving car. >> that's why i'm not on board with that idea. >> hot and humid today. low 90's for daytime highs and the humidity yes, it's creeping back early this morning. i'll show you your dewpoints in a couple minutes. 76 in washington, 75 annapolis. warm and muggy start out there. 67 dulles. 66 this morning in gaithersburg. here are your dewpoint numbers. they've been creeping up.
6:47 am
again you get above 70 and that's oppressive. [inaudible] plenty humidity early. you'll notice both the heat and humidity today. expecting day times highs in the low 90's with a mix of sun and clouds. we're in good shape today. i don't think we're going to get any rain. there might be a sprinkle or shower out to the west but that will be about it for today. overnight into tomorrow morning looks like we'll get a [inaudible] and we'll have to look out tomorrow afternoon if we can get some daytime heating we may get additional showers. unstable the next couple days. the reason why, yeah, the remnants of cindy by the time they get into our area, still a tropical storm, 40 miles per hour winds. made landfall overnight. really going to be a rain maker. still expecting several inches of rain across the deep south over the next 24 hours as the track takes it up and just south of us over the next couple of days. here's the forecast track again if i were to extend this, in fact i will, you'll see that the remnants here expected
6:48 am
the washington area by friday and by saturday as well. by saturday morning. i think by saturday afternoon things should start to improve but the bottom line good soaking rsoaking rains around hr tomorrow, tomorrow night saturday morning as the remnants of cindy team up with a cold front to give us showers. overnight tonight looks like we get aere period of rain tomorrow. we have our zip trip tomorrow's. come see us. rain showers tomorrow morning. not a washout. i think midday tomorrow we should be fine. see if we get storms redeveloping tomorrow afternoon. the nationals game right now i think we'll be fine but i think we have to fine tune this. a couple inches of rain across the area by early saturday. flooding will become a concern if it comes through in an intensified manner. the best chance of rain will be overnight friday into early saturday as that rain comes through. in intwo today. there's your rain through saturday
6:49 am
great around here sunday, monday, tuesday. all right erin i got to wrap it. >> breaking news we were telling you about, car into the potomac river out in poolesville right now. edward's ferry road right near river road you can see the boat ramp there. we have rescue crews out there and we're hearing reports that the vehicle was unoccupied. searching for the driver t no reported injuries. we'll let you know if we get any updates. watch for lift on edward's ferry road near river road. big problems in silver spring. no traffic is getting by southbound colesville road. it's closed between university boulevard and timber wood of a just in that background there you can see all of the flashing lights. again a person hit by a car, detour at lorraine avenue and just note that all of the secondaries leading toward the beltway supr backed up because folks have to avoid that busy stretch of colesville road this morning. again between university boulevard and timber wood avenue. let's switch things over and show you a look at the map. there you can see all of the yellow and
6:50 am
you're jammed up with about a 30 minute delay from 95 to georgia avenue a295 near laboratory road a crash blocks the shoulder. inner loop jammed from branch avenue across the wilson bridge. 300 block of 20th street northeast this is in the district d.c. police traffic letting us know a crash is blocking traffic in both directions. keep to it e street to around that. inbound 50 this crash has cleared off to the shoulders. all bigger delays have eased so that's good news coming from bowie. aside from that there's that outer loop delay i showed you from the colesville road clash. and metro, yellow line on time but we still have red line delays from safe track. what a day. >> busy, busy thursday. >> let's get to it. the morning meme. >> can we go to summer camp for good day. good day. i would like that. >> that little guy that was on the roof because he didn't want to go to
6:51 am
>> that makes me concerned about what's going on at that camp. >> i'm just saying. >> ellen, hey, bartender send a toilet water over there and tell her it's from me. >> that's clever. >> such a great photo. >> it is, the little paw. too cute. >> love it. >> ♪ >> i like it. >> yeah, we got it. >> okay. >> i like this one. wade. when work is busy but you still have two minutes 35 seconds of lunch left. >> not on the clock. >> getting the solitaire game in. >> uh-huh. >> sometimes i've been in lines and feel that way. >> sometimes i've worked jobs where i felt that way. >> all right. >> we'll wrap it up. we got kevin coming up. >> yeah. >> at least somebody is excited. when you let your friend borrow your phone and they start swiping. [laughter] >> that's hilarious. >> wait a second. what's in my photo history there? i don't know. >> makes you
6:52 am
#morning meme send it in. >> that was my favorite one. >> that's pretty funny in thanks tuck. listen, we are looking ahead to good day d.c. of course and we have a staple guest list on this thursday. actress selma hayek is going to join us live. she has a new film out and she's getting [inaudible] >> screen writer sophia coppola. >> and tv host meredith vieira is going to join us live. a special message she wants to share and what she's saying about her time on the view that's making news. >> awesome. speaking of kevin he's here now -- put your make up away. time to play tv. >> i'm joining you for the selma hayek interview and we're nerding out. >> she has a new movie coming out. >> we'll wing it. >> new
6:53 am
came out. 25.5 million views alone on facebook. check it out. it's awesome. >> ♪ >> don't fight in the north or the south. fight every battle everywhere always in your mind. >> ♪ >> for centuries our families fought together against their common enemy: despite their
6:54 am
differences together. >> we need to do the same if we're going to survive. >> this is going to be season 7s it looks awesome. that's all we can show you. the rest is pretty violent. >> i like the buildup. >> very dramatic. >> i like the buildup for the character. you mentioned sophia coppola. she's the daughter of the famed francis ford coppola of the godfather films and obviously apocalypse now. female directors the the box office becoming a huge thing this year which is awesome by the way. "wonder woman" with patty jenkins was the largest opening for a female director rough night was the first woman to direct an r rated comedy for major studio in two decades. also the sophia cop
6:55 am
i asked her what they thinks "wonder woman" would do and also that second win at cannes. >> are you seeing more female directors, more female told stories. what do we need to do o to get around the idea that these are just directors you know what i mean. >> i think it's great that it was a hit. i'm sure that's going to help a lot on hopefully this does well, too. >> when that happened at cannes obviously it was -- we did stories on it, it was such a big deal for us because i was like so happy to see you win. i love that this film won and what was one thing in your mind when that happened? were you nervous. >> yeah, i wasn't actually there so it was a big surprise and i was so excited and thrilled that, you know, that people were talking about the movie and i felt so much love from other women even like on the walk to school other women are
6:56 am
it was really exciting and i had no idea that there had only been one woman before. >> more from sophia coming up in the 9:00 a.m. hour this morning. >> very cool. looking forward to it. >> hi, tuck. >> hot and humid today. daytime highs in the low 90's and we'll look for showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow. 77 now in washington. that's your 7:00 a.m. upday. i humidity has been creeping up overnight. you'll notice that when you step out this morning, take the dog for a walk. cindy made landfall overnight. plenty more or cindy next hour. a rain maker for the south and it will be a rain maker for parts of our area overnight and friday into the day on saturday those remnants will be working through the midatlantic. plenty on that coming up. 92 today. cooler weather tomorrow but we'll have rain showers around friday and into the morning on saturday. sunday and monday look great. erin has been busy. >> very busy. 6:56 right now. skyfox still over a vehicle into the water into the potomac edward's
6:57 am
near river road. no reports the car was occupied. they're searching for the driver. right now it looks like it was an unoccupied car just a scene out there with the boats at that location trying to get the car out of the water. let's look at our cameras. right now you can see colesville road at timber wood of a closed. traffic getting by through the intersection at university. a person hit by car in silver spring. keep it to fox5 news morning. [inaudible]
6:58 am
6:59 am
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>> [inaudible] >> ahead a big day on capitol hill. senate republicans [inaudible] healthcare bill. coming up, details of the plan and pushback from democrats. >> i'm maureen umeh in for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. >> here's a live look outside. it's going to be a hot one. high in the low 90's today. hm. >> all right. we're going to feel it no doubt about it. humidity sounds like, too. let's get that quick check on weather and traffic. sucker is up first. >> remnants of


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